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V3: Settings -- Admin Settings -- Signatures
V3: Settings -- Admin Settings -- Signatures

Seeing and editing default message signatures on the admin level.

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On this page, you can edit the PastorsLine default signatures used when texting.


Step 0

Log in to PastorsLine.

Step 1: Click on Settings (yellow #1 in image to the left).

Step 2: Click on Admin Settings (yellow #2 in image to the left).

Step 3: Click on Signatures (yellow #3 in image to the left). Only Admins and Owners have access to this page.


This page shows the standard signatures which will be used with each type of message. At the moment, there are 5 default categories.

Only the owner and admin(s) can edit default signatures for shared numbers.

Default signatures for shared numbers will be used as is until an owner or admin changes them.

Each of the signatures works in the same basic way. So, looking at one example should be enough.

Click on Edit/Preview to work with this signature. The Edit signature box will pop up.

Turquoise numbers in image above:

1: Shows for which number(s) this signature applies. Click on the purple info (in this case, "1 Number") to see a pop up box of which number(s). See more info below.

2: The system name for this signature. Non-editable.

3: Toggle on to show your short organization name at the start of your message. See more info below.

4: The space in which you edit your signature message. Notice the purple left & right arrows in this section. See more info below.

5: A preview of how this signature will look when sent.

6: Remember to click Save to keep your updates.

More info about #1 above

This is what the pop-up box looks like:

More info about #3 above

Compare these two images to see the difference.

More info about #4 above

Clicking on the purple arrows will open the list of merge fields available.

To use merge fields

Step 1

Position your cursor where you want to insert the merge field.

Step 2

Click on the purple arrows.

Step 3

Click on the merge field you wish to use.


In some of the signatures, you will see this message: "Required: STOP to Opt Out and either [Org Short Name] or [User Short name}.

This means that your message MUST include STOP to Opt Out. [This tells the receiver how to stop receiving messages.]

Then, EITHER your Org Short Name or your User Short Name. [This tells the receiver who the message is from.]

PastorsLine has reminders in place if you try to save a message which does not fit these requirements. Note the orange text in the examples below.

Example 1: The error message reads "Required: STOP to Opt Out".

Example 2: The error message reads "Required: [Org Short Name] or [User Short Name]".

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