On this page, you can edit the PastorsLine default signatures used when texting.


Step 1

Log in to PastorsLine.

Step 2: Click on your thumbnail or initials (gold # 2 in image to the left).

Step 3: Click on User Settings (turquoise #3 in image to the left).

Step 4: Click on Admin Settings (turquoise box in image to the left).

Step 5: Click on Signatures.


This page shows the standard signatures which will be used with each type of message. At the moment, there are 5 default categories.

Each of the signatures works in the same basic way. So, looking at one example should be enough.

Click on Edit/Preview to work with this signature. The Edit signature box will pop up.

Turquoise numbers in image above:

1: Shows for which number(s) this signature applies. Click on the purple info (in this case, "1 Number") to see a pop up box of which number(s). See more info below.

2: The system name for this signature. Non-editable.

3: Toggle on to show your short organization name at the start of your message. See more info below.

4: The space in which you edit your signature message. Notice the purple left & right arrows in this section. See more info below.

5: A preview of how this signature will look when sent.

6: Remember to click Save to keep your updates.

More info about #1 above

This is what the pop-up box looks like:

More info about #3 above

Compare these two images to see the difference.

More info about #4 above

Clicking on the purple arrows will open the list of merge fields available.

To use merge fields

Step 1

Position your cursor where you want to insert the merge field.

Step 2

Click on the purple arrows.

Step 3

Click on the merge field you wish to use.


In some of the signatures, you will see this message: "Required: STOP to Opt Out and either [Org Short Name] or [User Short name}.

This means that your message MUST include STOP to Opt Out. [This tells the receiver how to stop receiving messages.]

Then, EITHER your Org Short Name or your User Short Name. [This tells the receiver who the message is from.]

PastorsLine has reminders in place if you try to save a message which does not fit these requirements. Note the orange text in the examples below.

Example 1: The error message reads "Required: STOP to Opt Out".

Example 2: The error message reads "Required: [Org Short Name] or [User Short Name]".

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