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More than one user? Set up roles / permissions for each to help end Inbox madness.

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With PastorsLine, it is not a problem to have many users because you can assign each person roles and permissions.

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Which user roles are there and what are the permissions for each one?

Check out this article: V3 User roles explained

Can we filter which notifications each person receives?

Each owner, admin, or user can control which notifications they receive. However, not all notifications options are available to each role.

Having said that, anyone assigned to a number will be able to receive/see all the notifications and messages related to that number. If you want to limit this for users or even admins, consider assigning a unique number to each user. Additional numbers start from 125 / credits per month.

Here is part of the Notifications screen so you can get an idea of the filters on offer:

Now you can choose to receive notifications on as many (or as few) numbers as you'd like. So if you have 4 numbers on your account, and you want notifications for 2 of them, you can easily select those numbers in your notification settings. *Please note: these are for messages sent to your number(s) that are NOT related to a keyword campaign/autoresponder.

Team Structure Tip

As you decide on how you set up your team on PastorsLine, you might want to consider the following: How will the number be used? Will it be used as a “personal” number that is meant for engagement? E.g. Your guest follow-up number should solely be used by your “connections pastor/lead”. Or perhaps, you plan on using PastorsLine for your ministry or small groups as a way to mostly sharing information. In either case, the main purpose is different and you would want to separate the uses by using different numbers.

Question: How do we add users to our PastorsLine account?

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