V3: Ninja trick - Save credits by using MMS

Send a lengthy message with MMS to save credits

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Got a long text to send? You can save credits by making that message an MMS instead of a SMS!

Note for PastorsLine V3 users:

The video and information below is from PastorsLine V2. The logic is the same though.

With SMS, we "charge" you 1 credit, per person, per 160 characters long your message is. For example, a message that is 160 characters long, sent to 1 person would "cost" you 1 credits. A message that is 983 characters long, sent to 1 person, would "cost you 7 credits:

BUT, with MMS, that same exact message but with a picture attached, drops the credit "cost" down to just 2 credits per person:

To learn more on how to send an MMS message, click HERE.

**Please note, this only applies when you attach a thumbnail / picture to the message, converting your text into MMS instead of SMS. Sending the different file types does not convert your message into MMS.

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