It is an "industry standard" and requirement when using the short code to always give a way for the recipient to opt out of receiving messages from you. Because of this, some of your recipients might have opted out of receiving ALL messages from you by replying with the word STOP when they only meant to opt out of that particular text list.

It is required to have the exact words "STOP to Opt Out" in your signature when using the short code, but you can add words to that signature to make it more clear or to give a different opt out word to use that won't unsubscribe them from ALL future communications from you.

Step 1

Log in to PastorsLine.

Step 2

Click on your thumbnail or initials (gold box in image to the left). A menu will open up.

Step 3

Click on Admin Settings (turquoise box in image to the left). The screen will refresh. (Only Admins and Owners have access to this page)

Step 4

Click on Signatures.

Step 5: Find your Default Short Code Signature and click on Edit/Preview.

The Edit signature box will pop up.

Step 6: Change the wording to give a different reply if they want to be removed from this particular text list, and clarify what replying with STOP will actually do (unsubscribe them from ALL future communications).

Here is an example. We added 'Reply REMOVE to be removed from this list' in the left-hand signature box (turquoise lines in the image below). You can see how it looks in the preview on the right-hand side (gold lines in the image below).

Step 7: Once you have made your changes, click Save to confirm your action.

When someone replies with STOP or Unsubscribe, their carrier handles the opt out. The only way for them to re-subscribe is by replying with the word START.

When someone replies with REMOVE or anything else you prompt them to reply with (REMOVE ME, TAKE ME OFF, etc) you have the ability to manually remove them from the group / text list, so they no longer receive messages from you for that list. They will still be able to receive other messages.

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