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V3: Adding keywords to a group
V3: Adding keywords to a group

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As you know, we always do our best to improve the functionality and clarity of PastorsLine. Technically, a group with a keyword and/or auto-reply is a campaign. So, from now on, when you create a new group with keyword(s) and/or autoreply, you do so from the CAMPAIGNS page.

Step 1

Log in to PastorsLine.
โ€‹Step 2
Choose one of the two methods below:


Click on Campaigns (lighting bolt icon, turquoise box in image below).


From your Dashboard, in the Add New section (turquoise box in image below), click on Campaign.

The following page will open:

Step 3: Click on Create New Campaign (gold arrow in image below).

Step 4: Choose Create Keyword/Autoreply (turquoise box in image above).

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