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V3: Un-cancelling (Uncancelling) your PastorsLine Account
V3: Un-cancelling (Uncancelling) your PastorsLine Account

Cancelled and changed your mind? Cancelled by mistake? Here's what you need to do.

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If you cancelled your account by accident, or if you change your mind anytime before the next billing cycle or your time is up, you can un-cancel your account.

For monthly accounts, "time's up" is before your next monthly bill.

Meaning, if your plan renews on the 15th of every month, and you cancel your account on the 6th, you would have access to your account until the 15th of that same month. If you cancelled after the 15th, you would have access to your account until the 15th of the NEXT month.

For yearly (annual) accounts, "time's up" is before the end of your account year's time.

Meaning, if your plan started February 15, 2020, and you cancel in July 2020, you would have access to your account until February 15, 2021.

To un-cancel your account

Step 1: Log in.

Step 2: Click on your thumbnail (bottom of left-hand most column).
​Step 3: Choose Billing from the pop-up (blue box in image to the left).

If you do not see this link, it means you do not have access permission. Please be in touch with the owner/admin of your PastorsLine account.

The Billing page will open:


Step 1: At the bottom of the left-hand side, you will see a cancellation date. Under that, you will see a Resubscribe Plan link (blue box and arrow in image below). Click on this link.


Step 2: The Resubscribe? pop-up box will open. Click RESUBSCRIBE to confirm your action.

Your account will now be reactivated.

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