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V3: Making your service a "touchless" experience

Due to COVID-19, you may need to find ways to make your service a more touchless experience without sacrificing that "personal touch"

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We have a few ideas to help you with this!

You are probably already familiar with using our Data Capture in place of physical and digital connect cards. But just in case you don't know, Data Captures collect your new guest's contact information through an automated text conversation - no links or paper required! To find out more about how to set up a New Guest Workflow, click HERE.

Not only can you ask guests to TEXT keywords to your phone number, did you know we also offer QR codes that work with our data captures and keyword campaigns?Depending on your process and needs, you can print these QR codes and display them around your church for people to scan and be added to your PastorsLine automations!

Open your camera app on your phone, and Scan this QR code now to check it out for yourself!

Did you get a screen like the one below?

At the moment, this is done manually.

We plan to add this back in V3 in the coming weeks, so it's directly tied to your campaigns.

To create a group with a keyword (NO data capture), click HERE.

To create a group with a keyword and a data capture, click HERE.

For how to create an Automated Message Campaign, click HERE.

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