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V3: How to view, play, and download voicemails
V3: How to view, play, and download voicemails

View, play, and save copies of your voicemails.

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***The video below was recorded for V2. It may still be helpful though as some of the process is the same.***

First stage: Get to your logs

In the left-hand Main Menu...Click on Analytics --> Click on Reports --> Click on V2 (Legacy) or click this link to be taken there directly:

The reports page will open.

Second stage: View your voicemails

Step 1: From the Report dropdown menu, choose Voice Inbox (Single)—any incoming phone calls made by individuals to your PastorsLine number(s) (light green box above). Make sure the date range is correct. (orange box above). Then click Show (blue arrow above). Your Voice Inbox Logs page will open (below).

Step 2: Click on the Play button to listen to the voicemail or the View (eye icon, orange box above) of the voicemail you wish to download. The individual voicemail log will open (below).

Step 3: Click on Download (green arrow above). The voicemail audio will open (below). Listen to your voicemail message.

Step 4: After you have listened, if you want to save this voicemail audio file, click the "three dots" on the far right of the voicemail player, and select "Download":

OR, if you do not see the three dots, right click on your mouse or touchpad. Choose Save audio as... . Give your file a meaningful name, and click Save.

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