Some FAQs about our plans and credits:

1. All Incoming text messages will be free and will always be free.

2. You are not locked into a contract so you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

3. 1 text out = 1 credit used. 1 text in = 0 credits used. Example: If you send 10 people a text (160 characters or less), that will "cost" you 10 credits. If all 10 people reply back (160 characters or less), that will "cost" you 0 credits.

4. All plans include at least 1 local US number.

5. You can use an unlimited number of keywords with your A2P 10-digit number and you don't have to worry about sharing keywords like you do when using them with our shortcode.

6. You can also add as many users to the account as you'd like. You can even restrict their usage by # of credits per month, restrict their ability to edit contacts and groups, add or disable the ability to use the credit card on file to manage billing and purchase more credits, and manage which groups they have access to seeing and managing.

7. We have a Digital Connect Text feature that automatically collects names, phone numbers, DOB, and email addresses of anyone who has texted your keyword to your number that is not currently in your database. Think a connect card but the information is captured by an automated conversation done by text instead of using links or forms. To find out more, register for our on demand webinar HERE.

8. We have an automated scheduled message option that allows you to schedule out a series of messages (including texts, emails, polls and voice broadcasts) based on the trigger you choose. It can even be connected to an auto data capture - this is especially useful for new guest follow ups. (A guest texts a keyword to your number on the screen, we collect their contact info via automated text conversation, then place them in a guest follow up workflow created by you!)

9. You can manage your incoming and outgoing texts via our website or our free mobile app.

10. We currently offer integrations with integrate two-way with Breeze, Mailchimp, Planning Center (PCO), Pushpay/Church Community Builder (CCB), and Tithely, with plans to keep adding more! Unlimited integrations are included in all plans.

11. We have other types of automations and campaigns you can set up too - including polls, birthday SMS and contests!

2023.January 2: To read more about our recent plan restructuring and timeline, check out this article.

Some of our Plans:

Free Trial: You can try us risk free for 30 days. Click HERE to sign up for a free trial. Message us for an invite code you can use on step 2 to unlock a free local number and 500 credits to test it out without having to provide any credit card information.

Inception: Our $15/month plan is best for churches that are planning to send infrequent messages, or if your subscriber group is small at the moment. This plan includes 1 US local number and 500 credits each month.

Dash: Our $30/month plan best for churches just getting started or are expecting a slower pace with texting. This plan includes 2 US local numbers and 1,250 credits each month—enough message credits to send about 270 texts per week.

Locomotion: Our $50/month plan is best for churches that are looking to send about 610 texts per week. This plan includes 3 US local numbers and 2,750 credits each month.

Velocity: Our $100/month plan is for a larger organization or if you are rolling out a highly-engaging campaign. This plan includes 5 US local numbers and 6,250 credits each month—enough message credits to send about 1,380 texts per week.

Launch: Our $200/month plan is ideal for large churches, multi-campuses, or anyone managing a large campaign. This plan includes 10 US local numbers and 13,500 credits each month—enough message credits to send about 3,000 texts per week.

Mach 1: Our $500/month plan is ideal for "mega" churches or if you need to send around 8,330 texts per week. This plan includes 20 local numbers and 37,500 credits per month.

To view more details about our plans...

  • Read this article: click HERE

  • Visit our website pricing page: click HERE

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