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V3: Ninja Trick - Workflows and People Lists (PCO)
V3: Ninja Trick - Workflows and People Lists (PCO)

Connecting a people list so you can text a workflow step

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If you want to be able to send a text to the people in a particular workflow step, here is the setup you will need to do:

  1. Set up a people list in PCO to search for the participants in the workflow step you want to send the text to. *TIP*: Turn on "Auto-refresh every night" in the PCO list settings and overnight syncing in PastorsLine for added automation.

2. Bring this new people list over as a group in PastorsLine. For more detailed instructions on how to bring PCO people lists into PastorsLine go HERE.

3. Connect your Automated Message Campaign to this group as a trigger.

Now, through the PCO list auto refresh and the PastorsLine Overnight syncing, anyone newly added to the workflow step will be added to your Automated Message Campaign every morning. 

If you want to add someone who texted a keyword to a workflow step, follow these directions:

1. Click "Edit" next to the group that has your keyword.

2. Toggle on "ALSO ADD TO A WORKFLOW?"

3. Select the workflow you want to add people to from the drop down list.

4. Click "Save".

Now, whenever anyone texts your keyword to your number, they will be added to your PCO workflow too!

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