Here are the triggers you can choose from:

Trigger by Keyword = When someone texts a keyword, they would be put directly into the AMC. If this keyword is not connected to a group as well, the people who text in the keyword will not be added to any group. 
NOTE: Currently, we don't recommend using the keyword associated directly with the AMC. You can use keywords related to a Data Capture (DC), and then have that linked to the AMC. Read more here.

Trigger by Data Capture = When someone texts a keyword, they go through the data capture process, and then are automatically added to the AMC. People who text in the keyword will be added to the relevant group, data capture, and your AMC. *this is the trigger we recommend using in most cases

Trigger by Group = Any time you add someone NEW to the group selected, they will also be added to the AMC. *Please note if there are contacts in the group BEFORE you select this option, they will NOT be added to the AMC. Only NEW contacts added to the group after this trigger is set up will be added to the AMC.

To choose your trigger(s)

On the Campaigns page when you choose to add a new AMC, the Create an Automated Messages Campaign box will pop up. 

After you choose a name and click Next, you will get the Automated Messages page for adding a new AMC. 

Click on Edit Triggers (pencil icon) and the Edit Triggers box will pop up. 

Use Keyword (orange box).

In this option, a keyword directly attached to your AMC will trigger the process. At the moment, using this option can mean a lag time of up to 3 minutes for the first message. If this first message is a critical, text auto-reply, this may not be desirable.

As a result, we recommend Trigger by Data Capture or Trigger by Group (green box).

Choose your trigger(s) and click Save

Read more here.

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