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V3: MailChimp Syncing - How does it work?
V3: MailChimp Syncing - How does it work?

Syncing Mailchimp through manual or overnight options

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Sync existing or new via the Integrations page

Step 1: Log into V3

Step 2: Get to your Integrations page.

OPTION 1: Click on the Integrations icon (gold box + Option 1 in image below).

OPTION 2: Click on your Dashboard --> Locate the Sitemap section --> Click on Integrations (turquoise flow + Option 2 in image below).

Step 3: The Integrations page will open up, showing all your current integrations.

NOTE: Premium is selected by default. Select Free (gold arrow in image below).


We only sync new data from MailChimp when you tell us to.

If you want to sync changes you have made to lists and groups which ALREADY EXIST in PastorsLine, click on RESYNC RECENT CHANGES (fuchsia box in image below). This is recommended. However, you can also resync things separately: Resync List(s) and Resync Contacts (same box).

If you want to sync NEW lists or groups:

  • Select List(s) to Sync (turquoise box in image below)

  • Select Group(s) to Sync (gold box in image below)

If you want PastorsLine to automatically sync overnight, toggle on Overnight Syncing (brown arrow in image above). The button will turn purple. This will automatically resync your account overnight. (This option is not available for all plans. You can check if it is available for you in your integrations page). If using overnight syncing, be aware of any campaigns you may be using with "send immediately" messages - you wouldn't want messages going out in the middle of the night to your contacts.

Manually update a specific group

You also have an option to manually update a specific group you are working with.

Step 1 - Select Groups (people icon, gold circle in image below)

Step 2 - Select Integrations (brown box in image below)

Step 3 - Select MailChimp (light blue box in image below)

Step 4 - Select the Group you want to sync. We chose List Only - PastorsLine Marketing Integration List (purple box in image below).

Step 5 - Select the Action Menu (three dot icon, gold circle in image below)

Step 6 - Select Sync Now (brown arrow in image below).

Step 7- Select Yes, Sync (brown arrow in image below).

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