Even though we do have a two-way integration with Planning center (PCO), you still have control over the information synced with PCO. Any new data collected from PastorsLine (either manually or via data capture), is not automatically pushed into your PCO app - it CAN be, but it doesn't have to be either. We only add new profiles, or edit existing profiles in PCO if they are added to a group that is integrated with a PCO people list or workflow.  In addition to this, we have our Smart Syncing in place to help avoid creating duplicate profiles or making changes to existing profiles without your permission.

We also only sync new data from PCO when you tell us to. You can choose "resync recent changes" in the integrations page (recommended), or choose to resync workflows, people lists, or contacts separately. 

 You also have an option to manually update a specific group you are working with by clicking on the re-sync icon within the PastorsLine application, or by clicking "resync w/PCO" in the group details page.


Another option if you want PastorsLine to automatically sync overnight is to turn "on" overnight syncing. This will automatically resync your account overnight. (This option is not available for all plans. You can check if it is available for you in your integrations page). If using overnight syncing, be aware of any campaigns you may be using with "send immediately" messages - you wouldn't want messages going out in the middle of the night to your contacts. 

You can read more about overnight syncing, specific to PCO HERE.

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