Each PastorsLine plan comes with at least 1 free phone number.

Here are the main plans and the amount of free numbers they come with:

Plan price

Amount of free phone numbers

$15/m or $150/y


$30/m or $300/y


$50/m or $500/y


$100/m or $1000/y


$200/m or $2000/y


$300/m or $3000/y


$500/m or $5000/y


$700/m or $7000/y


Let's take the $150 annual plan which includes 1 free phone number.

Each phone number ‘costs’ 125 messaging credits per month. So, for yearly plans, it's 125 messaging credits per month x 12 months = 1500 credits per year per phone number.

The Dash annual plan includes 1 free number with each account. To make it free for you, we add 1500 messaging credits to your regular bucket of credits.

These additional 1500 messaging credits cover the first phone number on your account—the free one. So you would have 12,000 + 1,500 to start with, and we immediately remove the 1500 messaging credits to cover the costs of that number. 

If you add additional numbers, you will need to pay an additional 1500 messaging credits / year for each new number. We use this system so you can deduct credits from your plan amount if desired. 

Example 1: If you have 2 phone numbers on your account, you will need to pay 3000 messaging credits annually: we will deduct 1500 for the first free number (these are the messaging credits which we put in to begin with) and 1500 more for the second number (these are the messaging credits which you pay for). So having a second phone number would leave you with 10,500 (12,000 - 1,500) messaging credits for that year for sending texts. 

Example 2: If you need 2 phone numbers on your account but have the Locomotion annual plan instead, the costs for those two numbers are 3,000 messaging credits (per year). In addition to the 24,000 messaging credits that comes with your plan, we give you an extra 3000 credits to cover these 2 free phone numbers. We immediately remove the 3000 messaging credits to cover the costs of those numbers. The advantage to using the Locomotion plan is if you only need 1 phone number. You would then gain 1,500 messaging credits that would go towards texting instead of your phone.  

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