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V3: Sender Settings: How do you want to text your audience? (IP)
V3: Sender Settings: How do you want to text your audience? (IP)

Finish your free trial sign up and choose your sender settings!

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In this step of the free trial sign up, you choose the number(s) you want to use to communicate with your audience. Below is an overview of the options available.ย 

NOTE: In general, any number can be purchased from a 3rd party and ported in to us.

So, if there are no numbers found (there are no available numbers for the area code you want), you can purchase a number from a 3rd party and port it in to us.

Click HERE to read more about transferring your number to PastorsLine.

Option 1: "A brand new phone number I pick"

Recommended if you do not want to add your church's landline as a phone number to use on this account at this time (it can be added at anytime later too).

Option 2: "Both if possible (recommended)"

This is recommended if you would like to start the process of using your church's landline for texting (the process starts with a quick check to see if your church's landline is a candidate for this) and set up a new number to start using right away.

Click HERE to read more about enabling your church's landline for texting.

Option 3: "My existing organizations number"

Recommended if you only want to use your church's landline for texting on your account. We do still require you to have a working number on the account while completing the process of enabling your landline for texting so we can complete your account sign up. *Note, you can always remove this "extra" number from your account once your landline is up and running. Here is an article on how to remove that extra phone number.
โ€‹Click HERE to read more about enabling your church's landline for texting.

If you run into any issues or have any other questions, please click the chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen and send us an online chat! We'd be happy to help!

Once you've selected the right option for your church, click the button below to continue:

You will now be on the screen to choose your virtual phone number to use with your account. *If you selected "Option 2 or 3", this process is still the same - once your virtual number is set up, you can start the process of setting up your landline.

Choose your country, Search by "number" (recommended), enter your local area code, Leave the "Match to" as "First Part of Number", choose either "local" or "toll free" depending on your needs, and click "Search".

This populates a list of available numbers you can choose from. Click on the number you want to use for your church (If you don't see any numbers, there may not be any available for your area code. Send us an online chat or email to [email protected] for help).

Once you have selected a number, scroll down for your call forwarding options. You can choose to forward calls to any number you'd like, or turn call forwarding off. These settings can also be changed at anytime. Click "Register" when done.

If you would like to send yourself a "test text", you can do that on this next screen, or choose "skip" to skip this test and go directly into your PastorsLine account.

You will now be directed into your PastorsLine account.

Ready to send a message? This article will get you started.

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