PastorsLine was created to help you build relationships through texting. This article deals with sending those "relationship-building" messages - be it your first or your 1,000,000th. There is no limit for scheduled group or 1-1 messages.

Step 1

When logged into the V3 version of PastorsLine, click on Messages [speech bubble icon, brown box in image below].

Step 2

Then click on New Message [speech bubble with a plus, light blue circle in image below].

A New Message box would appear with a search box [brown rectangle in image below].

Step 3

Start typing in the search box to find the contact, group name, or number to which you want to send your text message. As you can see below, typing a few letters will find all the relevant contacts/groups/numbers. Works the same way when you type numbers.

Step 4

Choose the contact(s) / group(s) / number(s) whom you want to text. As you can see below [purple circle], we have chosen to send to John. Then click Next [brown arrow].

A screen containing contact details and information about the contact would appear.

Step 5

Start typing in the message box [brown box in image below]

***CRT + Enter sends your message at that moment [CMD (Command) + Enter for Apple users].

***Enter brings you to the start of a new line.

Once you start typing, you will notice that a Clock icon [gold box below] will appear. If you click on this icon, a calendar will pop up. Schedule your text message for a later send by completing and saving the date/time details on the popup screen.

How many credits will this message cost you?

Check it out via the Credit Estimate feature (gold box in image below).

Step 6

Clicking on the number in front of From (brown circle in image below) opens up a dropdown menu of your available phone numbers, including our short code, in case you want to make any changes.

Step 7

Choose any number you want and click on the X [brown circle in image below].

Step 8

Click on the plus sign [brown circle in image below] to reveal additional icons. This is where you will add your links.

Step 9

Note the icons in the image below (blue numbers 1-5).

Icons 1 + 2: Click here to upload files via our file picker.

Icon 3: Click here to use an existing short link or create a new one.

Icon 4: Click here to use available merge fields.

Icon 5: Click here to choose a signature. NOTE: Since shortcode and high-throughput numbers MUST include a signature, PastorsLine adds this automatically. With local numbers, the signature is optional. Jump to another article with more about choosing a signature.

Icon 6: Click here to use an existing message template or create a new one.


If you long press on Add URL (turquoise box in image above), you will have the option to Insert or Delete (see image below).

If you long press on Add Template (gold box in image above), you will have the option to Insert, Edit, or Delete (see image below).

Step 10

Doublecheck your message and then click on Send [arrow icon, blue circle in image below] once you are done typing.

Note: This button would only respond when there is text in the box.

You are all done, and your message is on the way to its recipient!


This version of PastorsLine requires that you have an assigned number. You cannot send messages if you do not. In previous versions, you could send via the PastorsLine shared short code. This is no longer an option.

If you try to send a message without having first set up an assigned number, you will see the warning in the image above.

***End of NOTE

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