You would need to use our “Magic Eraser” option if you are testing an automated messages campaign (AMC) such as a data capture or poll. Perhaps you’ve made some changes and are checking to see if they work or you want to check the ‘first time / new contact opt-in’ logic.

You have a contact / number which you use for testing but you have already used this number to test this AMC before. Due to the PastorsLine left-hand and right-hand logic, a re-test with this number will use the right-hand logic because this contact has already opted in. If this is not the case you wish to test, you would want to use our “Magic Eraser” option.

Here is how to ‘clear/reset’ your test number to see a first-time / new contact experience.

Step 1: Go to any page showing a list of contacts such as the Contacts page - Contacts List; Groups and Keywords page - Group Details; Campaigns page - Automated Message Campaign Details. We recommend keeping it simple by using the Contacts List via the Contacts page.

Step 2: In the Actions column, you will see the PastorsLine ‘magic eraser’ (wand icon). Click on this icon. The Completely wipe this number from the database window will pop up, showing you all the contacts who will be deleted from the PastorsLine system should you wipe this number. Remember: It is necessary to delete ALL contacts that share that same phone number. If these contacts are from an integration, they will be restored once the account syncs again.

Step 3: Click on Delete to take this action. 


This magic eraser delete is different than the regular delete (trash can icon). 

The regular delete means that this contact will never again receive a message from you via PastorsLine. For that reason, you can choose which contacts to delete when using the regular delete. 

The magic eraser delete is a way to resolve a testing issue. For that reason, ALL the contacts associated with the wiped number will be deleted. However, contacts linked to  an external integration will be able to be restored on your next sync.

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