When scheduling your messages in an AMC, you have several options. If you have already created an AMC and you want to make sure you have used the correct timing, you can manually add yourself to the campaign, and go check the "scheduled" messages . This will show you how it will be scheduled out for anyone else who is added to the campaign as well. You can then remove yourself from the campaign, and all the messages will be removed from your profile as well.

1. Send immediately. This setting does just that. It will send that message as soon as the person is added to this campaign. (*Be aware of this if you plan to use any of our integrations to add people to this campaign AND if you have overnight syncing turned on. Your messages could be sent overnight when we sync your accounts). 

If you want a series of messages to be sent one after the other on the same day, you must wait at least 3 minutes in between each message for it to send correctly and in the correct order. 

2. Send After. This setting allow you to choose how many days, hours, or minutes to "wait", after the person is added to this campaign, before sending the message. 

You can choose how many days / hours / minutes to wait.

If you choose days, here are some examples of how the numbers will work:

  • 0 = Send same week on _________

  • 7 = Wait a whole week, then send on _________

  • 14 = Wait 2 weeks, then send on _________

  • 21 = Wait 3 weeks, then send on  _________

You can also choose which day of the week to send your message as well as the time.

For example:

It is important to understand that for each message you add to the campaign, the timing is going to be based on the previous message. So if you are wanting the message to be sent the very next Monday, Tuesday, etc. and there are no other Monday, Tuesday, etc. between the two messages, then always use "send after 0 days"

Each "send after x days" is waiting x days after the previous message was sent. So if message one is set to "send immediately", message 2 will be sent based on the days you choose to wait after message 1 was sent. message 3 will be sent x amount of days after message 2 was sent, etc.

Here is the breakdown of which #of days to choose for your message: Let's pretend John Smith texts your keyword to your number on Sunday morning (January 6).

  • After 0 means to send the same week (this will send the message on the VERY next day of the week you selected. In this example, John Smith would get message 1 on Tuesday (January 8). Then message 2 on the Friday after he visited (January 11).

  • After 7 means to send the next week (This will wait a whole 7 days and then send on the VERY next day of the week you selected. In this example, John Smith would get Message 3 on Tuesday (January 22).  If I wanted to send another message that same week, I would select "send after 0 days" and it will be sent on the next day of the week selected. So in this example, message 4 would be sent Thursday (January 24).

  • After 14 means to send two weeks later on the day of the week chosen. So for the example, message 5 would be sent on Friday, February 8.

  • After 21 means to send three weeks later on the day of the week chosen. So for the example, message 6 would be sent on Monday, March 4.

Some additional tips:

  • If you choose “send after 1 day” and you use “send same day” it will send the next day.

  • If you choose "send after 0 days", on the first Thursday at 1pm, and that person is added on Thursday BEFORE 1pm, your message will send that SAME day. If they are added to the campaign Thursday AFTER 1pm, your message will send the FOLLOWING Thursday.

  • If you want to send a message every week (repeating), for example, every Saturday, choose "send after 1 day" on the first "Saturday" at (whatever time you choose).

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