How to manually add Contacts to your Automated Message Campaigns

Method 1 

Preparation: Go to your Campaigns page. Find the relevant campaign. Then choose one of the following options. 

Option 1 

Step 1: Click on the Add People icon (which is a person with a ‘+’ sign next to it). The Add Contacts to this Scheduled Message box will open. 

Step 2: Search for people via a name, phone number or group. Once the person is found and appears on the left hand side of the box, click on that person to put him or her on the add list on the right-hand side. 

Step 3: When you are finished selecting people, click on Add to include them in your contacts or group(s).

Option 2

Step 1: For new phone numbers of people not yet in the system, begin as Option 1 to reach the Add Contacts to this Scheduled Message box. 

Step 2: Type in the person’s phone number on the left-hand side of the box and press Enter. 

Step 3: Then complete the form with the person’s first and last names. Continue as in Option 1.

Method 2 

Step 1: Go to the Automated Message Campaign Details page. Click on Add Contacts to this Campaign (found in the upper right of the page). You will arrive at the Add Contacts to this Scheduled Message box. 

Step 2: Continue as in Options 1 or 2.   


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