Our vendor, by default, handles standard English-language reply messages such as STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL for Toll-Free and Long Code messages, in accordance with industry standards. Supported opt-out and opt-in keywords for  Our vendor's Programmable Messaging are listed below.


Any of these STOP keyword replies will prevent a participant from receiving new messages from the PastorsLine phone number they're responding to. When our vendor receives one of these replies, they will create a "blacklist" entry on their side, and then pass the message to us. We then will update that contact in your account as opted out from SMS. Once our vendor has blacklisted an entry for a particular recipient phone number, any future attempts to message them from PastorsLine will fail. Error Code 21610 - Message cannot be sent to the 'To' number because the participant has replied with STOP. Recipients can disable this message stop, and resume receiving messages with the START, YES, or UNSTOP commands as outlined below.

Only single-word messages will trigger the block. So, for example, replying STOP will stop the participant from receiving messages from that particular PastorsLine number, but replying "STOP PLEASE" or "PLEASE CANCEL" will not. 

Please note that these STOP keyword replies apply to all the numbers in your PastorsLine account.  


Any of these replies will opt participants back in to and be delivered to your PastorsLine account. 

Please note that Toll Free numbers only respond to UNSTOP.


Either of these replies will return a message informing the participant that they can use the above commands to control the delivery of messages. 

It is currently not possible to customize the default response triggered by these keywords. 


Text message campaigns may be subject to various legal compliance requirements depending on the nature of your text messaging campaign, the location from where you are sending your text messages, and the location of your recipients.  While PastorsLine will handle the above-described messages on Long Codes and Toll-Free numbers in the way described in this article, you should consult with your legal counsel to ensure that your text messaging campaign conforms will need to meet all applicable legal compliance requirements. 

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