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Updating or changing your credit card doesn't necessarily pay your past invoices (invoices that came due while your card was expired or being changed). Best to check.

How to Edit a Credit Card on File or Add a New One

Step 1: Log in to PastorsLine.


NOTE: ONLY Owners or users that have been given access to the billing page will see the Billing page option to edit. To find out how you can get access to the Billing, click HERE.

Using V2?

The Billing page will open up.

If you cannot see this option, that means you do not have access. You will need to be in touch with the owner/admin of your PastorsLine account.

Now click here for the remainder of the process.

Using V3?

Click on your thumbnail picture or initials (gold box in image to the left).

Then, clock on Admin Settings (turquoise box in image to the left).

Click on Billing (see image to the left).

Continue as below.


Step 3: You will see different options - choose "Edit Card" (brown box below).

Option 1: To add a new card to keep on file, click "add new" 

Add the required information and toggle on "set as default" to save this new card as your default (auto charge) card, or leave toggled off if you are not changing the default card, and click "save".

Option 2: To edit the card already on file, click the pencil icon to "edit" the card, or the trash can icon to delete the card. 

Make the necessary changes to the card, and click "save".

***You cannot DELETE a credit card before a NEW payment method has been added. If you need to delete a credit card, follow the directions above for option 1, How to add a credit card, and make it the new default payment method. Then you will be able to delete the old payment method by clicking the "trashcan" icon next to it.

Reminder: Toggle on the "Set as Default payment method" box to make this credit card the primary payment method for the account.

To pay an outstanding invoice, click HERE.
To edit the email address your invoices are sent to, click HERE.

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