In order to delete a group but still be able to reuse the data capture at a later date, you need to unassociate the data capture from your group  (unless you do want to delete both the group and the data capture - in that case, simply delete the group and all campaigns and keywords associated with it will be deleted).

Follow these steps to unassociate your data capture from the group you wish to delete.

  1. Go to your Campaigns page

2. Find the campaign associated to the group you wish to delete, and click the "edit" icon (the pencil) next to the campaign.

3. In the first drop down box at the top, select "Please Choose" as your new group (or if you already have a new group with a keyword set up that you wish to use with this data capture, select it here. Only groups with keywords will show up on this list.)

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save". 

5. Next, go to your "Groups" page. 

6. Next to the group you wish to delete, select the trash can icon to delete your group.

7. A message will pop up making sure this is what you want to do. Double check to make sure that the only "associated property" listed to be deleted is your group. 

8. Click "Delete" and your group will be deleted.

You are now free to use that data capture at a later time. See how to link that data capture to a new group HERE.

*Deleting a group that is synced through our integrations will not delete the group from that external app. It will only delete the group in PastorsLine

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