A data capture must have a group. It's part of the definition.

If we want to release or unlink a data capture from a group because...

*** we want to re-use the data capture with a different group

*** we want to delete the group but save the data capture for future use

*** any other reason that you don't want the data capture to be deleted

... we need to link the data capture with another, placeholder group.

Let's walk through an example.

In the screenshot above, Lisas Group (brown arrow above) is linked to a data capture (blue box above). The data capture icon (chat bubble, blue box above) confirms that. We will release/unlink it below.

We will start at the Campaigns page.

To get to your Campaigns page (HUB) - - - Scroll down further for Legacy app instructions.

From the HUB Groups tab (icon of a group of people):

Click on NEW (plus icon, yellow box below).

From the dropdown list, click on Campaign (green box below).

The Campaigns page will open. Scroll down to release/unlink instructions.

From the Legacy app:

From your Dashboard, click on NEW (yellow box above).

Choose Campaign from the dropdown menu. The Campaigns page will open

1. Find the group your data capture is linked to. In our case, our data capture is Pray with Lisa (brown box above) and is linked to our group, Lisas Group (blue box above). Click on Edit (pencil icon, purple box above). The Edit Data Capture page will open.

2. Click on Create New Group (blue arrows below).

3. Type in a placeholder group name (blue arrow below). DO NOT select an existing group unless you want to transfer this data capture to another group now (black line below). Click on Create Group (brown arrow below).

4. Now your group is no longer linked to this data capture. Now, we need to add a placeholder keyword for this data capture so it can be saved. Click on ADD KEYWORD(S).

5. Since this is just a placeholder, we can set it up with a local number for now. Toggle the button on and type in a placeholder keyword.

6. After typing in your placeholder keyword, press Enter.

7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Let's check our results...

On the Campaigns page, notice that the data capture Pray with Lisa is now linked to the group Placeholder Group 1 (brown arrow below) with the keyword Placeholder Keyword 1 (blue arrow below), as we did above.

On the Groups and Keywords page, note that Lisas Group is no longer linked to a data capture, i.e., there is no data capture icon (chat bubble) next to Keywords in the Type column.

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