Having several phone numbers allows for less confusing communication.

  1. It’s clear who the incoming text message or phone call is for: You can assign each team or team member a different number. So, each team or person receives just their specific messages / calls.

  2. It’s clear what the subscriber is messaging about: You can give each purpose a separate number. For example, by purpose → visitor follow-up, prayer requests, small group Q&A, general reply line (all others), or by role → Pastor’s cell, group leaders contact, etc.

For admins: You can monitor who is engaging with who for better tracking—especially when you couple different numbers with different users. Gives good security and control.

For users: You can be laser focused on what you need to do and not be distracted by seeing everything else. Allows a better overall and flexible experience.

Now see the multiuser options we offer. 

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