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Integration | Planning Center Online
Integration | Planning Center Online
V3: PCO Not lists yetUsing our Planning Center integration? Added some people to a group but they are not yet appearing? Here's how to get more info.
V3: My Planning Center lists are not syncing / showingMy Planning center (PCO) lists are not showing in the lists to integrate with
V3: Syncing a Group with PCO (NOT using a List)Using "No list" to sync to Planning Center / PCO when you don't want to use PCO lists
V3: Ninja Trick - Volunteer Reminders (PCO)Sending volunteers reminder texts before serving
V3: Ninja Trick - Workflows and People Lists (PCO)Connecting a people list so you can text a workflow step
V3: Planning Center Syncing - How does it work?Syncing PCO through manual or overnight options
V3: Making selected PCO people lists into PastorsLine groupsI want my PCO people list to come over as a new group in PastorsLine "as is"
V3: Ninja Trick - Significant Event SMS Campaign (PCO)PCO users are able to send out automated significant event texts
V3: Getting started with/setting up the Planning Center integrationHow to set up the Planning Center (PCO) integration
V3: Planning Center WorkflowsIntegrate your PastorsLine groups with your Planning Center (PCO) workflows
V3: PCO: Overnight SyncingWhat time is Planning Center Online overnight syncing done? Also for PCO clients and auto refresh option what time does PL sync?
V3: How to enable your PastorsLine-PCO contacts on your PCO lists (2-way sync)How to make your people lists sync two-way with Pastorsline