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Keeping in touch with those in your ministry.
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V3 Icon - - Add / Import a New PersonIn People View - explanation of the icon that is a person with a + sign to their right.
V3: How to import your contactsImporting your contacts from a .csv file.
V3: How to import your contacts from your Mac or iPhone address book.Want to import your people in bulk instead of entering them 1 by 1? Here's how.
V3: Reformat your DOB column for importingHow to reformat your birthday column to match required MM-DD-YYYY format
V3: What is excluded when importing contacts with .csv filesWhat is excluded when importing contacts with .csv files
V3: How do I export contacts (groups or individuals)?Exporting details from a PastorsLine group (all members) or individuals to a .csv file.
3-Dot Action Menu in PeopleThe three-dot action menu on Pastorsline People section enables you to perform several actions with people at once.
V3: How can I edit a person's (contact's) profile?See / edit details about a person: contact info, groups they are in, linked tags, relevant campaigns, etc.
V3: People View -- an OverviewGeneral background on the PastorsLine PEOPLE view (formerly Contacts).
V3: People View -- People DetailsFurther details of your people (contacts) and how to edit them.
V3: Opt-in status (People)See opted out / unsubscribed / blocked etc. in People
V3: Archive vs DeleteExplaining archive (soft delete) vs delete (permanent - no returns).
V3: Bulk Restore for Deleted ContactsUh oh...has a bunch of your synced contacts gone missing? Not to worry. PastorsLine has a one-step restore at your service.
V3: How does PastorsLine Handle Inactive or deleted Contacts?Does PastorsLine pull inactive (external app - CCB, PCO, Elvanto, MailChimp) contacts into my database?