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Integration | Mailchimp
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V3: Making selected Mailchimp Groups and lists into groups in PastorsLineHow to make your Mailchimp Lists and Groups into groups on PastorsLine
V3: MailChimp Syncing - How does it work?Syncing Mailchimp through manual or overnight options
PastorsLine vs MailChimp Merge Fields/Tags for PersonalizationThe correct format for merge fields/tags depends on the app you are using.
V3: Verify Your Email DomainYou must verify your email domain before being able to use MailChimp in an automated message campaign
V3: Creating a Template in MailChimpCreate a Template in mailchimp with the Template Builder
V3: My Mailchimp Subscriber is Labeled as "Cleaned"My Mailchimp Subscriber is Labeled as "Cleaned" what does that mean? Cleans, Cleaned, bounced subscriber
V3: MailChimp 101Getting started with MailChimp
V3: Create a New List Group (MailChimp)Create a New List Group (in your Mailchimp account)
V3: Create Your Mailchimp ListCreating and setting up Your Mailchimp List (In your Mailchimp account)
V3: Getting started with/setting up your Mailchimp IntegrationHow to integrate PastorsLine and Mailchimp