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V3 Credits: Allocate, increase, and decrease (give, add, and remove) credits to user
V3 Credits: Allocate, increase, and decrease (give, add, and remove) credits to user

Manage your people's credits.

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Owners and admins have access to all your PastorsLine credits. So, you cannot edit their credit allocations.

2023.12.22 UPDATE: Additional reminders

To help you better manage your credits, PastorsLine has added some helpful messages on your Add a New User and Edit User Credits popups.

If you have rollover protection...

You will see the following message: 'On the Billing page, these transferred credits will appear under the NRO (Checking) section and any remaining unused credits at the end of the billing cycle will be transferred back to the main account's FRO (savings) section.'

If you do not have rollover protection...

You will see the following message: 'These credits will expire at the end of the billing cycle on [date]'

Step 1


After logging in to PastorsLine, click on your thumbnail / My Profile (blue #1 in image to the left) and then choose Users from the pop-up box (blue #2 in image to the left).


Go to your Dashboard (gold box, arrow and #1 in image below). Locate the Sitemap section (blue box and #2 in image below). Click on Users (pink box and #3 in image below).

In either case, the Users page will open with a list of all the users on your account:

Step 2

Let's take a closer look at the user page.

There are two parts to the user's credits:

  1. Credits per Month (blue column in image above)--This is the amount you assign to be added (automatically) to that user’s profile every month.

  2. Total Credits (brown column in image above) --These are the total credits the user can use. They include any credits you have manually added plus any credits that have rolled over from the previous months.

Step 3

Hover your pointer around the user whose credit allocation you wish to edit, and the 3-dot Action Menu will appear (blue box and arrow in image below).

Step 4: Click on Edit Credits.

The Edit Credits box will pop up:

Step 5: In the edit credits box, you can see...

1 - Total Company Credits—The number of credits available at the moment to assign.

2 - Total Credits—the entire number of credits available for this user at the moment.

3 - Credits per month—the entire number of credits assigned to this user each month.


For both 2 & 3, the credits available to assign are the credits on your plan excluding the credits being used by your phone numbers and the credits assigned to other users. Use the up/down arrows to increase/decrease the total monthly credits for this user.

You cannot assign more than the unused portion of the total company credits.

4 - Summary

Step 6: Click Save to confirm your action.

To see your Credit Transactions…

Go back to your thumbnail / My Profile (1). Choose Billing from the pop-up box (2).


Go back to your Dashboard, locate the Sitemap section, and click on Billing (blue box in image below).

The Billing page will open. At the bottom of your Billing page, you will see your Transaction Details.

Note: Each time you add or subtract credits, a line will be added to the transactions section with a running subtotal. For example, we removed 111 credits from Dave George's initial 300 to make it 189.

If you are looking for how to see how many total credits you have used for any given time period, check out this article HERE.

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