The first thing to understand is that credit usage depends on your how you have set up your PastorsLine Plan.

As you can see in the table below, you ALWAYS pay for outgoing messages. However, if you choose to have your credits roll over (month to month, year to year), you will also pay for incoming messages, too.

You tell us this option on the Billing page (red arrow).

How much do things cost?

You can find out how many credits things cost in this article.

Where can I track my credit usage?

You can see the credits you use in each of the six (6) communication categories:

SMS INBOX (Single) - Incoming messages sent to you from a single person

SMS OUTBOX (Single) - Messages you sent out to a single person

SMS OUTBOX (Group) - Group messages you sent out

VOICE OUTBOX (Group) - Group voice broadcasts you sent out

VOICE OUTBOX (Single) - Outbound voice calling to a single person

VOICE INBOX (Single) - Incoming voice calls / voicemails / calls that were forwarded

By adding up these 6 totals, you can see your overall credit usage.

Let's get started...

Step 1: Click on Analytics.

The Logs page will open.

Step 2: Click on Logs to refresh the page.

Step 3: There is no ONE place (at the moment) that gives you a total of your credit usage. Currently, you need to add up the credits you are using for different communication categories.

3a. The first item on the left-hand side of the Logs page is the Report dropdown menu (pink arrow below). You are going to start with SMS INBOX. So, click on that.

3b. Click on USER NUMBER (yellow box above) to choose the number for which you want to know the credit usage ("All Users" is the best option).

3c. Choose the period of time you want to look at (FROM DATE - TO DATE, orange box above).

3d. Leave the show per page (red box above) at the default, "show 25 per page", or you can change it show however many per page you'd like it to show.

3e. Click SHOW (red box below)..

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page (orange arrow below). It looks as though there is no information...however, notice that the page is not scrolled right to the end (blue box). Do that.

Step 4: When you do, you will see a number (green box below). This is the number of credits you have used for this communication category. In our case, it is the SMS INBOX. Write down this information on a piece of paper or in your phone.

You have found your credit usage for one communication category.

To get your overall total for all six categories...

Go back to Step 3 and do this series of actions 5 more times --- SMS OUTBOX (Single), SMS OUTBOX (Group), VOICE OUTBOX (Group), VOICE OUTBOX (Single), and VOICE INBOX (Single).

Each time, make sure that the information in 3b, 3c, and 3d is consistant.

Adding up these six (6) totals will give you your credit usage for the number and time period you checked.

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