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V3: Adding images to an SMS message
V3: Adding images to an SMS message

Want to add a picture or pictures your text message? Here's how.

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It looks like you would like to add an image or images to a PastorsLine text message. In other words, add an image or images to an SMS.

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This article covers item #1 in the image above: Add Image.


This icon allows you to upload pictures as inline images so your viewer will them them immediately while reading your message. When you click on this icon, the following screen pops up:


After you upload an image, it gets stored in the image library. This means that images which you re-use will be at your fingertips for next time.

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The image library displays in two formats: grid and list.


ScreenHunter 4401


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You can select "Select Files to Upload" or drag and drop up to 10 image files up to a total of 4.5 MB. That is, the total size of all the uploaded images can be up to 4.5 MB. If you exceed your limit, PastorsLine will let you know, and you will see this warning message:

After selecting and uploading your images, your message will look something like this. As you can see, your images shows as thumbnails in the message itself.

**If you need to add more pictures than the max of 4.5 MB allowed, you can add them as links (not thumbnails).

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