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V3: Adding a video to an SMS message
V3: Adding a video to an SMS message

How to attach a live or recorded video to your text message. Use your mobile or other device. Long videos? Use our trimming tool (desktop).

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It looks like you would like to record, upload, attach, and/or send a video to a PastorsLine text message. In other words, add a video to an SMS.

You can record or upload almost any size video but we will resize it down to 1 MB for local numbers or 0.6 MB if it's the shortcode or the toll-free. These are hard limits set by the mobile carriers. The maximum length is 25 seconds per video. Anything larger and the video quality would be extremely poor due to the required resizing/conversion down to the required size by the mobile carrier. If the video is longer, you will have an option to trim it within the editor.

Resolution for a real video attachment is low. We recommend recording the video in a standard resolution to ensure less drastic quality drop-off. We recommend not recording the video in a very high resolution. Consider at least 720p HD.

We also have an option for you to send it as a link showing the full resolution.

While this would not be a real video attachment, the 'tap to preview' thumbnail would look like a real video provided your people have your phone number saved in their contacts. To do that, you would send them a Vcard with your contact details. Read more about Vcards in this specific section of this general article:

When you upload your video, you will have a choice of attaching it as a real video in low-resolution (purple button in image below) or as a URL in high resolution (white button in image below).

How much does it cost?

It's treated as a MMS message where it's maximum 2 credits for US/CA per video message regardless of the length of the texts included.

Using a mobile phone and the PastorsLine Mobile App

Here are the basic steps:

First of all... are you using the purple and white mobile app or the black and white one? The black and white app is the latest one - the one that has the video option.

In the mobile app, click that '+' in messages to reveal your attachment options.

Once you click that, you will see the record option along with other things you can add to your message. Choose the Add Video (beta) option.

The video screen will display. You have a few options.


You can click on the blue Click to record audio, video or pick file

If you do that, the following choices will display:


You can click on the 3-bar menu (blue circle in image below:

If you do that, the following choices will display:

Using another device and the PastorsLine Desktop App

We are assuming that you are here.

If not, get help here.

This article covers item #2 in the image above: Add Video (beta).

2: Add Video (beta)

To record a live video:

Hover over the camera icon. The left column will expand. Click on the camera icon.

Then click on the blue record button.

Your video will begin. When you are finished, click on the stop button.

Your video will appear. Click on the blue Upload button to attach it to your text message.

After you click the blue Upload button, your video will begin processing.

To attach a file from your device:

Hover over the icons in the left column. The left column will expand. Choose the option that your prefer.


You will see a list of all the videos you have previously recorded/uploaded. You can check to make sure this is the video you want by clicking the purple Play button.

To select a video, click on the detail line and then click the blue View/Edit selected button. NOTE: You can only send one video at a time.

Click the blue Upload button to complete your action.


Choose the video file you wish to upload. After selection, a blue Upload button will appear. Click on it. Your video will begin processing.

Trimming your video

After you click the blue Upload button, your video will begin processing.

If it is too long, the following message will pop up:

You can then either Attach the Video as a URL or Trim the Video.

If you choose Trim Video, the PastorsLine trimming tool will pop up. Drag the handles (blue arrows in image below) to shorten your video as required. Then, click on the Trim button (blue box in image below). PastorsLine will trim your video. Alternatively, click on Revert to original (yellow box in image below) and attach your video as a URL.

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