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V3: AMC Campaign: Send, Edit, Delete + Ninja trick
V3: AMC Campaign: Send, Edit, Delete + Ninja trick
A short article about actions on an AMC + a ninja trick if you want to create an AMC for just one person.
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In your message threads, an Automated Message Campaign SMS is easily identified by the title (gold box in image below) as well as the gear icon (turquoise box in image below).

Underneath the message are three options: Send Now, Edit, and Delete.
Two are kind of obvious, right?

But we want to speak about Edit.

If you click on Edit, you will be directed to the actual campaign page to edit the WHOLE campaign. **Any changes made to the messages in this campaign will apply to everyone who is currently active in that campaign. It will change the scheduled messages for all.

This is something new. This change was based on TONS of feedback from our church partners. They wanted the ability to edit the AMC and have those changes apply to ALL contacts who are active in that AMC. So now, if you need to edit a message related to an AMC, you need to do that in the AMC Campaign and these changes will apply to everyone who is active in the AMC.

What if you just wanted to edit it for just one person?


Step 1: Copy the scheduled AMC message that you want to edit

Step 2: Delete the scheduled AMC message.

Step 3: Paste the copied AMC message in the text box, make any edits you would like, then schedule your new message for whatever date / time it needs to go out on.

This new scheduled message will now take the place of the deleted AMC message for that person.

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