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V3: 3-dot Action Menu in People
V3: 3-dot Action Menu in People

The three-dot action menu in the Pastorsline People section enables you to perform several actions with people at once.

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2. Click on the People icon (turquoise box in image below).

3. Click on the 3-dot Action Menu on the top right of the dashboard (turquoise box and arrow in image below).

4. Once clicked, your options will pop up from the Menu as shown in the screenshot below: Select Multiple, Show Details, Show People as Group, Table View.

Option 1: Select Multiple

By clicking Select Multiple, you will have an option to perform one action to all your selected people. These actions are found in the purple Actions Menu which displays once 1 or more groups is chosen (see turquoise box in image below).

For example, you can mark all messages as read under the ''Mark as Read'' drop down or Send Message to the selected contacts. Other actions you can take include creating a group, call broadcast etc.

Option 2: Show Details

When chosen, the person's phone number is display under their name (gold boxes in image below). The option changes to "Hide Details".

Option 3: Show People as Group

This option takes you to the Groups view. The category chosen will be the one you chose in App Settings (such as Favorites, Integrations, etc.)

Option 4: Table View / Column View

Since I am in Column View (as in the image below), I will see this option.

Let's say I am in Table View (as in the image below).

My 3-dot action menu is on the right-hand side of my table (gold box and arrow in image below). I can change back to Column View. I can also Select Multiple or Export All.

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