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V3: Dashboard

Your PastorsLine dashboard has a lot of useful information. Let's check it out.

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This article is based on one possible arrangement of the Dashboard.

You can customize your Dashboard by moving modules to where you want them. If you want to skip the explanations of each section and go directly to the customization, click here.


The image below shows a dashboard. Let's look at each section. Don't worry - closeups in a minute. We just wanted to give you the overview. : )

Banner section at the top are quick links

Notice this option to expand the quick links by clicking on the More Actions text (blue box in image above).

Reduce the display by clicking on the Less Actions text.

Top section on the left-hand side: My Organization Summary

This area gives you information about your organization: the name, the integrations you are using, the total number of users, all your people (contacts), and the name of the account owner.

Bottom section on the left-hand side: Sitemap

Shortcuts to the main pages on this platform. Click on a name to go directly to that page.

Top row on the right-hand side: Credits

You see information about your credits, as well as links to the Billing and Analytics pages (depending on your role).

My Available Credits—The number of NRO credits you have at the moment.

Total Credit Balance—The sum of NRO + FRO credits in your PastorsLine account. In other words, the sum of the next two lines will equal this amount:

  • Forever Rollover (FRO) Credits (Savings)—The number of credits which will never expire and will be used last.

  • Non-Rollover (NRO) Credits (Checking)—The bucket of credits used for daily PastorsLine activities.

This is the time zone PastorsLine thinks you are in. If this is incorrect, hover over the info line. An Edit will appear. Click on it. You will be redirected to your My Profile page on which you can edit your local time zone.

Second section on the right-hand side: Messages and Calls Summary

Here you can see data about your outgoing and incoming credits, calls and/or messages. Choose your options from the dropdown menus (see images below).

Choose Billing Cycle or Monthly Cycle (see image below).

If you choose Billing Cycle...

(1) You then choose current or previous cycle (see image below).

(2) Then you choose what you want to see: credits, calls, messages, or all (see image below).

If you choose Monthly Cycle...

(1) You then choose the year (see image below).

(2) Next you click Download next to the month for which you wish to see the data. The .csv files will automatically download (see image below).

Bottom section on the right-hand side: Intro video

You see our intro video.


Grab any dashboard module by its 6-dots (top, left-hand corner of the module) to drag it to another space.

You can also delete a module by clicking on the trash can (top, right-hand corner of the module).




In the image below, I have deleted the video and moved some sections around

More customization

Click on the 3-dot action menu (top, right-hand corner of the screen) and choose Customize Widgets.

A pop up box will appear. Add or remove widgets as desired.

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