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V3: Free setup service for church automated messaging campaigns: For you, with you
V3: Free setup service for church automated messaging campaigns: For you, with you

Need help setting up a campaign? We've got your back...for free.

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Got a great idea for a church automated messaging campaign, but the setup seems too challenging? Or you have begun one and could use some help?

The PastorsLine Campaigns feature is so powerful, we want to make sure you are not missing out. So, we’ve begun our free campaigns service: For you, With you.

Our goal is to work live with you to create your campaign, walking you through the setup.

Once you have the experience and confidence, chances are you will be able to set up further campaigns on your own. But, of course, if you do run into problems, you can always book another ‘For you, With you’ session.

What are campaigns?

In case you are not yet familiar with them, campaigns are a series of linked SMS, an automated ‘conversation’. You guide your people to the result you want. For example: signing up for a special workshop series, joining a 21-day devotional, or registering for summer VBS.

Here’s how ‘For you, With you’ works:

(1) You would fill out a Google form, giving us the info we need to assist you: what kind of campaign you want to have, which resources you will need, etc. (Mandatory). If the information is not clear, we may either ask you to bring more information or reschedule when you could have more information.

(2) We would book a call of 15 minutes or less. You can book as many sessions as you need.

(3) During the live, one-on-one session, we work together to set up your campaign via the shared screen.

To keep things as efficient as possible, we would expect you to come prepared with sample copy (text) of what you would like your messages to say. The copy does not have to be final because you can always go into the campaign and change it as needed.

Sounds good, right?

Click on this link to get started with Step 1: The Google form.

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