V3: Why are my messages undelivered?
Have undelivered messages? Find out why so you can fix things for the future.
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Messages view - Undelivered Messages


You want to understand why these messages were not delivered.


Step 1: Click on the downward arrow to reveal further sub-categories.

Step 2: Click on Unseen. Your messages will open in the right-hand, black column.

Step 3: Click on the person whose message(s) you wish to see (gold box in image below). The image shows that we sent this person 3 messages -- all of which were undelivered.

Step 4: Hover on the Msg Failed (Click for details) message (turquoise boxes in image above). If we do that for these messages, we see that the messages failed because the contact is marked as unsubscribed.

There are a variety of reasons why a message might fail. You can use the information to fix things for the future. Here are more examples:

When you have checked out all your undelivered messages, you can clear that category by marking them as seen.

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