V3: Pushpay/CCB Saved Searches
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An important fact about Pushpay/CCB Saved Searches

We know you are familiar with Pushpay/CCB saved searches (since you are creating them). Yet, we wanted to point out one important feature.

A Pushpay/CCB saved search is built on filters (gold box and arrow in image above). In other words, you are setting search criteria. You want to look through your people and add all the ones who match the search criteria to your list.

The Pushpay/CCB and PastorsLine platforms are not set up in the same way -- do not use the same search criteria system and wording. As a result, PastorsLine is not able to add anyone to your Pushpay/CCB saved search. We can only work with the people already on the list.

That is why we call your Pushpay/CCB saved search a "1 way in" search: The list comes in, and we can work with it. However, we cannot add people to the list.

(A two-way search would be when we can also add people from the PastorsLine side.)

To read more from Pushpay/CCB about creating and managing saved searches, click here.


Pushpay/CCB is sunsetting the classic saved search. They may have already eliminated it totally.

They have replaced it with the advanced saved search. This is the search you should be using.

If you have any classic searches, please replace them with advanced searches ASAP. How do you know? We have labeled them for you. Check out the orange 'CLASSIC' in the image below.

Working with your Saved Searches

REMINDER: The saved search sync is a 1-way in sync. The list comes in, and we can work with it. However, we cannot add people to the list.

Do you want to sync an already created saved search?

This article should help: Pushpay/CCB Syncing - How does it work?

Do you want to set up a new group based on a Pushpay/CCB saved search?
The article you need is V3: Groups View-- an Overview (link to general article)

The section you want is INTEGRATION (SYNCED) GROUP (link to specific section)

Choose the CCB option. Then follow the directions for CCB Sync Category = Saved Searches.

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