V3: Closing conversations

Want to close a conversation (or several conversations) and remove them from your Inbox? Here's how.

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1. Click on Messages (speech bubble icon, white box below).

2. The screen will refresh to the two columns above.

2a. The middle column (yellow arrow + text above) is a list of your different message categories.

2b. The right-hand column (blue arrow + text above) shows the items within the chosen category. In our example, since All Messages is chosen, this column shows us ALL our open text messages.


Step 1: Choosing your conversations

Option 1 - Automatically select ALL your messages and then manually unselect any you need to.

Option 2 - Manually select JUST those messages you want.


1.1 Click on the Action Menu (3-dot icon, gold arrow in image below).

1.2 From the dropdown menu, choose Select Multiple (fuchsia box in image below).

This will select all your visible messages in the category you are in.

1.3 Then manually unselect any messages you do not want to take action on by clicking on the check box to remove the check. In the example below, we have unchecked one message (fuchsia box in image below).


Manually select any messages you want to take action on by clicking on the check box. In our example below, we have chosen two messages.

Continue as below.

Step 2: Closing your conversations

You will see that a new 3-dot Action Menu has appeared (blue arrow in image below). Click on it to reveal the dropdown menu. From the dropdown menu, choose Close (fuchsia box in image below).

All the selected (checked) messages will be closed.

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