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V3: How to change the owner on the account
V3: How to change the owner on the account

Things change, and your account owner may need to change with them. Here's how.

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PastorsLine recognizes that there is often mobility in church staff. People come and go. This can mean that churches need to change PastorsLine owners.

You can transfer ownership to a user in your PastorsLine account.
To add / invite a new user:

Transferring ownership is done on your Users page.

How to get to your Users page

While you are logged in to PastorsLine...

Step 1: Click on your Thumbnail / My Profile.

Step 2: Click on Users.

Your Users screen appears on the right-hand side of the screen that shows the number of users and information about them (image below).

How to Transfer Ownership

Only the owner of an account on PastorsLine can transfer ownership in V3. So the following steps should be done from the owner's account.

Step 1

Click on the name of the owner and the profile information would appear.

In our example, we clicked on Testimony Olajire because he is the owner here and his profile information appeared (image below).

Step 2

Click on Transfer Ownership.

Step 3

Select the User you want to transfer the ownership to from the list that appears. (This means the person you want to transfer ownership to is already a user).

Step 4

Select the assigned number and click on Next.

Note: PastorsLine now has an option to allow the new owner to manage or pay with credit card(s) registered with the company.

Step 5

Tick the box in the next screen that appears.

Step 6

Toggle the switch on (brown arrow in image below) so you can choose to keep your account active as an Admin or User.


Toggle the switch off (gold arrow in image below) to delete your account.

Step 7

Click on Confirm

Once the new owner has received the confirmation email and confirmed the change, their "old" user account will be made into an owner.

If the owner is no longer available or you do not have their login info to follow one of the first two options, an admin on the account will need to send us a formal request to change the ownership.

Please send requests to [email protected], CC in as many admins on the account as possible, and include the Owner's full name, email, name of the church, and the NEW owner's information. We will need to know if the new owner is already an existing user on the account, or if they are a new user that needs to be invited, their full name, email address and phone number.

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