The email registered for billing would receive invoices for payments made on PastorsLine.

How to get to your Billing Page

Step 1

From the V3 dashboard, click More Menus (three-dot icon, brown circle in image below) and select Settings (gold box in image below).

Step 2

From the options that appear in column 3, select Admin Settings (light blue box in image below).

Step 3

From the drop-down menu that appears, select Billing (gold box in image below).

Your Billing Details would open to the right (image below).

How to edit your Billing Email

Step 1

Click on Edit Treasurer's Email: gold oval in image above, closeup in image below.

A popup box would appear

Step 2

Type in the mail you want for billing and click SAVE (gold circle in image above).

A confirmation message appears showing that the update was successful.

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