Step 1

When logged into V3 of PastorsLine, Click on GROUP (group of people icon, brown circle and #1 in image below).

Step 2

Click on the category/sub-category you wish to look at. In our case, we clicked on Named (gold box and #2 in image above).

Step 3

From the sub-menu which opened, we clicked on Friends (blue box and #3 in image above).

Step 4

The details will open to the right. Select the People tab (brown circle in image below)

This tab has many layers. You can see that there are three groups of icons in this tab:

Group 1 (brown box in image below)

Group 2 (blue box in image below)

Group 3 (Gold box in image below

Many of these icons repeat throughout our PastorsLine app. To reduce your scrolling (and our writing), we decided to create an Icons List with helpful information about each one.

However, we would now explore each group of icons briefly to make additional comments on using the functions found in the icon list in the context of the groups.

Group 1 Icons

Notice that there is a "show more" to the right of the last icon in the image above. Here is the expanded view:

When you click any of these icons, the function they perform would be carried out on the group. For instance, if you select the first icon, which is the blocked icon, you would see the numbers in this group that you have blocked.

Group 2 Icons

The Action Menu (brown circle in image above) provides options for exporting the members list via CSV format, adding members or archiving members of the group.

Other icons perform general functions as described in the icons list.

Group 3 Icons

Column Selection (grid icon) allows you to choose which items would be displayed under the people tab about each .person The image below is an example:

Hovering around a person's name would bring up 2 other icons (gold box in image below): Show Messages (speech bubble icon, gold 1) or Make a call (phone icon, black 2).

The two icons in the brown circle in the image below give details about the member.

Click on the first icon (1 in image above). The person's Primary Profile box will pop up.

The second icon shows to which integration the individual belongs. In this example, it is PastorsLine.

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