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V3: Templates --Shortened Links
V3: Templates --Shortened Links

How to use the Rebrandly integration to shorten your links.

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Shortened links make sharing posts very easy. It can also increase clickthrough rates. Using shortened links in V3 is very simple and straightforward. Since they are considered "public", shortened links are available to everyone in your organization regardless of their role.



While in PastorsLine, click on the 3-dot More Menu.

Click on Templates.

Click on Shortened Links.


In our example, we have 1 shortened link (gold box in image above).

Take a look at the turquoise box in the image above. For each short link we can see its name, the original URL, what the original was shorted to, how many interactions (clicks) this URL received, and the date the short code was created.

2023.12.08 / 2023.08.25: The interactions data will refresh every 4 hours automatically. You can also update this information manually by hovering at the end of the detail line. Click on the Refresh which will appear.

To create a new short link

Step 1: Click on New Short Link (fuchsia arrow in image above).

Step 2: Enter the Short Link Name (brown box in image below). Prorated plans was used in our example.

Step 3: Paste the destination URL you want to shorten (light blue box in image above).

Step 4: Click on Save (grey arrow in image above).

The page will refresh to show the new shortened link you just created (gold box in image below).

More options

Click on the line of the shortened link you wish to use. We will use the short link we just created (gold box in image above).

The shortened link detail box would pop up (brown box in image below).

To copy the shortened link URL to your clipboard

Click on Copy to clipboard in the Short URL info line (purple chain icon in image below).

To copy the original link URL to your clipboard

Click on Copy to clipboard in the URL info line (purple chain icon in image above).

To delete this shortened URL

Click on Delete This Template (brown circle in image above).

The Delete Short Link confirmation box will pop up. Click on Delete to continue; X to cancel.

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