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V3: CCB One-way Out Process Queue setup
V3: CCB One-way Out Process Queue setup

Adding a Pushpay/CCB one-way out process queue group.

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Adding a Pushpay/CCB one-way process queue group.

You can also do this from your Integrations page.

Choose one of the paths below (Steps 1 & 2).

Step 1: Click on Add New (+ icon).

Step 2: Click on Group (gold box in image above).

Step 1: Click on Groups.

Step 2: Click on Add Group (gold box in image above).

Step 3: Choose Integration (turquoise arrow in image below).

Step 4: Make sure the CCB logo is selected (gold box in image below.

Step 5: Click on the downward arrow to select Process Queue for your CCB Sync Category (brown box in image below).

Step 6: Click on the downward arrow to select your CCB Process Queue (fuchsia arrow in image above).

The circular purple arrow (grey arrow in image above) is a refresh. If you do not see your process queue, you can refresh the list to show any queues that were added since the last account sync.

NOTE: Your choice becomes your group name and you cannot edit it.

Step 7: Usually, the CCB-PL sync is 2-way. If you want only 1-way syncing (PastorsLine to CCB only), toggle on the Enable One Way button. It will turn purple.

Step 8: Look at the If Recipient Has Already Entered This Queue Then Skip toggle button. If it is toggled on (purple), duplicate recipients will be skipped. Is this what you want? If not, toggle it off. It will become greyed out.

Step 9: Name your group (if required) and then click on Save to complete your action.


Click on Integrations (gold box and arrow in image to the left).

The Integrations page will open.

Click on Select Process Queue(s) to Sync.

Toggle on the Enable One Way button to create a one-way out process queue sync. It will turn purple. Leave it greyed out (as shown in the image below) to keep the sync two-way.

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