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V3: Campaigns: Create Keyword/Autoreply
V3: Campaigns: Create Keyword/Autoreply
How to make a new group with a keyword and/or autoreply.
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Watch a video.

(Written walkthrough follows.)

How to get to the Keyword/Autoreply Page

To get to your Campaigns page:

  • Click on Campaigns (lightening bolt icon, fuchsia box in image below).


  • Click on your Dashboard (turquoise box and #1 in image below) --> Locate the Add new section --> Click on Campaigns.

The Campaigns page will open on the right-hand side of the screen (image below).

Click on the Create New Campaign downward arrow. From the dropdown menu, choose Create Keyword/Autoreply (turquoise box in image below).

The following page will open:

Let's take a closer look...

How to work with this page

There are four sections in this page.


If you DO NOT have an existing group already created for this campaign, type in the group name on the data line.

Alternatively, click the purple Select an Existing Group if you have already created a group for this campaign. The screen will refresh to the image below.


Only groups which have NOT already been set up with a keyword will appear in the dropdown menu

After choosing your group, the page will refresh, so you can continue with the remaining three sections.


Step 1

Toggle on the Add Keyword(s) button (turquoise box below). Notice that two new options appear.


If you wish to have this option when using local, 10-digit numbers, toggle on this button (brown box in image above).

Step 3: SHORT CODE (77411)

If you wish to have this option when using the PastorsLine shared shortcode, toggle on this button (gold box in image above).

***NOTE: Toggling on Local Numbers and/or Short Code causes new fields to appear. Let's look at those.


Turquoise 1 in image above: Click on the downward arrow to choose the local phone number.

Turquoise 2 in image above: Type in your keyword on this line. Then press Enter to save.

Turquoise 3 in image above: If you wish to use auto-reply options, click on the downward arrow. Notice that new options appear.

Toggle on the options you wish to use.

If you toggle on either of the Opt Out text options, a new field will appear. This shows the opt out text which your person will receive. You can modify the text if you wish.


Type in your shortcode keywords(s) on the relevant line. Need more keywords? Click Here! to begin the process (brown arrow in image above).

NOTE: If you toggle on the local numbers and/or short code buttons, an additional section will appear.

This is the autoreply message which will be used with the options you have toggled on: local numbers, shortcode, or both (brown box in image above).

Edit the messages to your preference.


Toggle on the Sync with an external app? button. Notice that two new fields appear.

Turquoise 1 in image above: Click on the downward arrow to choose the external app you wish to sync with.

Turquoise 2 in image above: Click on the downward arrow to select when you wish to add your contacts.


Toggle on the Add to an Automated Messages Campaign? button.

Click on the downward arrow to choose the existing AMC which you want to make this keyword/auto-reply a part of.


If you are totally finished, click Save.

If you want to connect this keyword/auto-reply to a data capture campaign, click Save & Collect More Data.

***If you do this, PastorsLine will show the connection in this way: At the right-hand end of the detail line, we will show the data capture your Keyword/Autoreply is linked to (turquoise box and arrow in image below). Editing your campaign is done from the linked data capture. To get there, just click on the URL (see the purple link inside the turquoise box).

Here is a closeup:

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