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V3: Settings -- Admin Settings -- Billing
V3: Settings -- Admin Settings -- Billing

New credit card? Need more one-time credits? Changing your plan? New treasurer's email? Viewing your transactions? Cancelling and more.

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On this page, you can edit your billing details and take care of many account-related items.


Step 1: Log in.

Step 2: Click on your thumbnail (bottom of left-hand most column).

Step 3: Choose Billing from the pop-up (blue box in image to the left).

If you do not see this link, it means you do not have access permission. Please be in touch with the owner/admin of your PastorsLine account.

The Billing page will open:


There are five sections to this page.

Section 1: Billing Summary


1: Cash Balance—If you upgrade, downgrade, remove numbers etc., you might have a cash balance. This is because we now prorate accounts. For more information about cash balance, click here.

2: Recurring Monthly/Yearly Bill—Shows how much you are paying each period (month or year) and the billing period.

3: Core Plan Subscription—This is the base price of your PastorsLine plan (no add-ons).

4: Rollover Protection Plan—At the moment, this button is toggled off. Thus, credits expire at the end of the billing period (month or year). If you wish your credits to be saved, you need to toggle this button on (it will turn purple). You will then be guided to buy our Rollover Protection subscription. Read more about non-rollover (NRO) credits, forever rollover (FRO) credits, and rollover protection here:

If you do toggle on the button, you will see the confirmation screen. Click Confirm to continue or Nevermind to cancel your toggle.

If you click Confirm, the Billing/Checkout page will pop up, allowing you to pay for your Rollover Protection subscription.

5: Messaging credits included—The number of credits included in your plan each billing cycle (month or year).

6: Phone Numbers—The number and cost of phone numbers on your PastorsLine account.

Click on Manage Numbers to be directed to the Settings / Admin Settings / Numbers page. On this page, you can edit your numbers, choose a different assigned number, release a number. etc.

7: Manage/Change Plan & Cancel Plan—Click on Manage/Change to upgrade/downgrade your PastorsLine plan. Click on Cancel to leave.

When you click on Manage/Change Plan...

you are redirected to the PastorsLine pricing page.

View pricing per month or on an annual basis (fuchsia box in image above).

Scroll through the plans via the arrows (gold circles in image above).

Choose the plan you want (turquoise boxes in image above).

When you click on Cancel Plan...

the We are sorry to see you go box will open up and ask for a cancellation reason. Please provide honest feedback as this really helps us to improve.

Click on Final Step to confirm your action or Nevermind to go back and stay with us.

After you have gone through the process, you will receive one final email asking you to confirm the cancellation.

Section 2: Payment Information

2023.08.25: Yearly accounts (owners and any user with billing privileges) now get upcoming renewal reminders 15 days before the plan auto renews.

In the section you see the details of how you are paying for your PastorsLine plan. Click on Edit to change the information in your current payment option. Click on Add Card to add another credit card.

When you click on Edit...

the Edit Card box pops up. NOTE: Use the scrolling to see all the content of the box (turquoise box and arrow in image below).

Click Save to confirm your actions or Cancel to go back.

When you click on Add Card...

the Add Card box pops up.

If you toggle on the Set As Default Payment Method button (turquoise box in image above), it will turn purple AND you will see another field: Email address. Complete as desired. Click Save to confirm your actions or Cancel to go back.

Section 3: Messaging Credits Summary

My Available Credits—The number of NRO credits you have at the moment.

Total Credit Balance—The sum of NRO + FRO credits in your PastorsLine account. In other words, the sum of the next two lines will equal this amount:

  • Forever Rollover (FRO) Credits (Savings)—The number of credits which will never expire and will be used last.

  • Non-Rollover (NRO) Credits (Checking)—The bucket of credits used for daily PastorsLine activities.

To purchase more credits, click on the purple Buy More Credits. The one-time bucket of credits purchase page will pop up. Click on ADD NOW of the bucket you wish to buy.

You will be directed to the payment screen to complete your purchase.

Section 4: Treasurer Email

Locate the Treasurer Email section (turquoise box in image above) and click on Edit (turquoise arrow in image above). The Edit Treasurer's Email box will pop up.

Make your changes on the entry line. Click Save to confirm your actions or Cancel to go back.

Section 5: Transaction Details

In this section, you will see information about the financial activity in your PastorsLine account.

In the example above, we see what was done, how much it cost, how many credits were involved, the ID of the transaction, relevant receipts, and the date this transaction occurred.

The three transactions above all involved people getting more credits or removing credits.

When you click on View Receipts Only (turquoise box in image below), you are redirected to the Receipt Details page.

If you have receipts, they will be displayed.

If you have more invoices than lines in our screen, your invoices will be moved to Old Invoices. To view your old invoices, click on Old Invoices (turquoise arrow in image above). Click on the purple arrow to the left of Receipt Details to go back.

If you click on Old Invoices, you will be directed to this sign in screen:

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