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Info and examples about using the Search feature.

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Search can appear in different ways. And depending on where you are, the search will open to different possibilities.

No matter your search, the process is the same:

Type all or part of your search key (name, number, etc.) into the search line (Search settings or Search number in our examples below).


Use the Search by or Search in menu.


Click on Cancel to stop the search process.

The screen will refresh to show you your search results. Click on the result preferred.


Below are some examples:

Clicking on the icon above will open to a Settings search.

Clicking on the icon above will open to a Search number search:

Clicking on the icon above will open to a Messages search.


(1) The search looks in both your PastorsLine groups AND your external groups. If no group exists, we give you a shortcut to creating a new PastorsLine group. Let's see how it looks.

PastorsLine group

Our search keyword was "all kims" as we were looking for a specific group.

We can see that it is a PastorsLine group linked to an integration (gold arrow in image below).

External group

Our search keyword was "kids". Here are the results:

The message at the top says "External Results - these groups have not been synced to your PastorsLine account." Note that next to each group is a Sync Group option.

Create a group

Our search keyword was "wheelchair access". There were no results. However, we can click on Create a group for a shortcut to create one if we wish.

(2) When you search for a group, the results will include all the keywords associated with that group (gold box in image below).

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