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V3: Column view vs. Table view
V3: Column view vs. Table view

Display information as a table rather than as a column.

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This article speaks about two options for viewing your information: Column View and Table view.


The default setup is Column View. As you can see below, there are two columns. Column 1 (turquoise label in image below) shows the general categories. Column 2 (brown label in image below) shows the detail of the general category selected in Column 1. At the moment, no details are displaying in the white space to the right of these two columns.


Another option might be "hiding' inside our 3-dot Action Menu (gold arrow above). Let's see by working through one example...


An alternative setup is Table View. This option is not always available. If it IS an option for the category you are working with, it will appear in the 3-dot Action Menu. If not, it won't.

Step 1: We click on the 3-dot Action Menu.

Step 2: As you can see, there is the option to Show in Table View. We click on that option.

Step 3: The image below shows you what has happened. Column 2 has disappeared. The information from that column now displays as a table in the white space (that was empty before, remember?) to the right of the columns.

In many cases, your information will be clearer, easier to understand, when viewed as a table. This is why we offer this option. Of course, it depends on personal preference as well. We suggest switching back and forth (when both options are available) to decide which works best for you and when.

Want to return to the 2-column view?

Step 4: Click on the 3-dot Action Menu in the top, right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 5: Click on Column View.

Step 6: Your screen display returns to the default: Column View.

NOTE: In general, the screen will stay in Table View until you change it, refresh or leave the screen, or this option is not available for a category. In other words, once you opt for Table View, changing categories within that page will not change your view UNTIL you change it OR the category you are working with does not offer table view.

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