Where can I ask questions, give feedback, or request features?

Need help/support? Want to let us know something good (or not so good)? Have a wish list item we should know about? Here are your options.

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Help & Support: Step 1 is our article Help Desk. We try our best to keep our articles updated on a timely basis, so they will serve you as well as possible. If that doesn't do it, Step 2 is connecting via our website chat bot.

Wait a minute... I want a real person, not an automation.

True, the first step is automated. Often, this will be enough.

If it isn't, no problem. Real PastorsLine team members monitor this chat (almost) constantly. Our reputation is for fast, helpful answers/guidance/feedback...and we intend to keep it this way. So, please feel confident when using this option.

Feedback & Requests: Both are via our website chat bot.

Facebook Community: Our PastorsLine partners are also on hand to give you the benefit of their experience.

Email: You can also email us at [email protected]


OPTION 1: All in one

Look at the image to the left. There is a black column. This is the Options Bar. No matter where you are in the PastorsLine platform, you will see it.

At the bottom of the Options Bar is your thumbnail (yellow arrow in image to the left). It will be your initials (in this case LA) or the avatar you have uploaded. Click on your thumbnail.

From the pop up menu, click on the option you wish:

Help (turquoise box in image to the left) for Help Desk articles.

Chat with us (brown box in image to the left) for our chat bot.

Community (grey box in image to the left) for our Facebook Community page.

Option 2: Help Desk Link

Option 3: Chat Bot

While logged into the PastorsLine platform, the chat bot will pop up after a few seconds. Click on the bot button (turquoise box in image to the left).

Working with the Help Desk & Chatbot


After clicking on Help or using the URL link, you will be taken to the PastorsLine Help Desk.

Search for articles (brown/gold arrow below): Type in your question or a few keywords.

Go to the PastorsLine Website (turquoise box below): Click here to be redirected to our website.

Access the Chatbot (grey/black arrow above): Click here to open the Chatbot.


After clicking on the chatbot button, the box to the left will pop up.

Gold box (1): Click here to type and send us a message about a question or problem you have. This is NOT for feedback or to request new features.

Grey box (2): Click here to see messages/notifications we send you.

Brown box (3): Type your question or a few keywords. Then, click the purple/white arrow to search our Help Desk (alternative to the way described in the section above). The articles will be returned as links below the search line.

Turquoise arrow: Scroll down for another option.

After scrolling down, a further chatbot option is revealed (blue box in image to the left). Click on Give feedback to leave us feedback and/or request features.

The PastorsLine team loves feedback - both about things that are working well for your church AND things that are not. With the help of partners like yourself, we've been growing PastorsLine, making it more useful, effective, robust and secure. We are grateful. So, get typing (please)!

Next, you can click the "+" to add a new feature request / suggestion:

You can also "upvote" other church's ideas by scrolling the list and clicking the ^ next to it:


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