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V3: Choosing the shared, high throughput, verified toll-free number
V3: Choosing the shared, high throughput, verified toll-free number

Sending a message via the PastorsLine shared, high throughput, verified toll-free number.

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Choosing the "FROM" number for a message is done in the Messages tab when you compose a new message.

Finding the Messages section

Step 1

Log in to PastorsLine and go to Messages (the chat icon, gold arrow below).

Step 2

The screen will refresh. Click on the relevant group or the relevant contact from the inbox that you would like to message (or create a new message for that group or contact by clicking the New message icon with a "+" next to it).

You can also search for a person or group using the search icon, or find them in the "Contacts tab" or "Groups" tab on the left menu.

Working with the shared, high-throughput, verified toll-free number

Step 1

Verify that this is the contact you wish to send a message to.

Then look towards the bottom of the screen.

Click on the phone number to open a pop-up menu of number choices (brown arrow in image).

Step 2

Toggle on the high-throughput number choice (brown box, #1 below). It will turn purple.

Click on the X to save your changes (gold arrow, #2 above).

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