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V3: How fast does PastorsLine send my messages?
V3: How fast does PastorsLine send my messages?

Message send rates as of May 2023

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When we process messages through PastorsLine, we first set things up: look for landlines, duplicate numbers, etc. This can take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how large your group is. Once that is finished processing, PastorsLine sends your texts.

The next layer is the A2P 10DLC trust score. The A2P 10DLC system number protocol is a way to register 10-digit long codes in order to keep spam to a minimum. Each number is given a trust score. The higher the trust score, the faster the send rate.

What is the PastorsLine trust score?

Since you are a PastorsLine partner, you are under the PastorsLine company umbrella. That means it's one trust score for everyone. Per our carrier: "The PastorsLine Brand has a Trust Score of 82."

What is the PastorsLine send rate?

Per our carrier: "The PastorsLine Brand has a Trust Score of 82. This score enables a throughput of 225 MPS (messages per second) distributed between every number under the brand."

The actual send rate will depend on the activity of all PastorsLine members at the time you send your messages as well as the method you use to send it (your PastorsLine phone number, our shared short code, etc.).

See MPS ranges in the table below.

Long codes: your local, 10-digit number(s)

4-75 MPS depending on trust score

Short code: Our PastorsLine short code

100 MPS

Regular, verified, toll-free number (can be customized - see below)


The PastorsLine shared, high-throughput, verified, toll-free number

25 MPS

Want a faster send rate? Enable a custom, high-throughput, verified, toll-free number

This would be a toll-free number for your church only. You would purchase it, verify it, and add the fees to increase the send rate.

The send rate is between 1-150 SMS / second. This is reflected in the different monthly prices. See the table below for current fees.

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